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Wet Rugs | Did super storm Sandy soak your Oriental Rug?

Rugs from a flood

Has one of your prized (or even not so prized) rugs been in a storm?  Maybe got wet from a leak in the ceiling?  They need to be carefully cleaned and dried ASAP!

Last week The Oriental Rug Spa of the Eastern Shore picked up over 60 rugs damaged in the recent storms.  Our parking lot looked like a rug bazaar!

Flood waters carry all sorts of contaminants  which are not only hazardous to people, but may permanently damage your rug.

Even a leak from the ceiling can add unwanted and potentially dangerous chemicals to your rugs and home.  These chemicals can damage your rug by making the dyes unstable (bleeding), cause mold or mildew, dry rot or in the case of tufted rugs, the latex can deteriorate and rot out.

What can you do?  The first order of business is to get those rugs DRY! If they are on a wood floor, get them out, unless you want damage to the floor as well.

Elevate the rugs and get some air flow with a fan.  If it is not too heavy, take the rug outside.  HOWEVER you want to flip the rug upside down.  You do not want the face fibers in direct sunlight!

IF you have questions, give us a buzz.  410-221-0097

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