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Repair of Hooked Rug with Dry Rot Latex | 410-221-0097

Repair of Hooked Rug with Dry Rot Latex.  Hooked Rugs and Tufted Rugs coming from India are notorious for poor quality workmanship and cutting corners with the construction of their rugs. Even expensive rugs from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and other “high-end” retailers are know to have this quality issue.  Yes, even if you paid a gazillion dollars, it may have this issue

How do you know if you have a tufted or hooked rug?  Flip over the corner, if there is a cotton backing and you can not see the rugs pattern on the back, it is tufted or hooked.  You see, that cotton is covering up a mess of latex that is holding the whole rug together.

The main concern is the manufacturer’s use of cheap fillers (marble dust, dirt, sand) mixed in with the latex.  Over a very short period of time the latex begins to rot and turn to powder.  Essentially the rug is falling apart.

Below is a picture by picture example of how we repair the rug using a quality latex backing

This is how we repair a Dry Rot Latex Hooked Rug

First we have to remove all of the old latex from the rug


All of the dry rotted latex needs to be removed, the rug cleaned and then secured to retain its shape


Latex is then hand painted on the rug


For a round rug, the latex is applied from the center and then we work our way to the edges


Finally, the latex has been applied to the entire rug. Drying time is about 48 hours


The latex is now dry and is ready to have the backing sewn back on


The cotton backing is then hand sewn back onto the the rug, covering up the new latex


After about 2 hours of sewing, the cotton backing is secured


After about 5 hours of labor and 2 days of drying the rug is finished. The re-latexing is done at a fraction of the cost of buying a new rug

To avoid this mess with the latex rotting Click here for our FREE report on how to buy a rug.

The Oriental Rug Spa of The Eastern Shore is the ONLY Textile Pro Certified firm in Maryland and Delaware.  The Textile Pro Network is an international guild of experts dedicated to the care, cleaning and repair of rugs and fine textiles.  We can be reached at 410-221-0097

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