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Secrets Rug Cleaners Will Not Tell You

Secrets About Area Rug Cleaning Your Carpet Cleaner Does Not Want You To KNOW!

Most fine “oriental” area rugs are pieces of art. They take months and years to create and are made to last a lifetime. They also are tremendously valuable and need to be treated much different than cleaning wall to wall carpet.

You see, most carpet cleaners couldn’t tell the difference between a “Home Depot” synthetic rug and a fine silk or wool rug worth thousands of dollars. Most carpet cleaners will clean them in your home and never worry about what could happen to them. Things such as colors running together(bleeding), color loss, mold, fringe deterioration and irreversible marks from a carpet wand are just a few potential problems.


An average area rug holds up to 1 lb of dry soil and can not be removed with a vacuum cleaner alone. Dust must be removed before cleaning or it creates “mud” making your rug even dirtier than it was.

Most damage done on fine rugs is caused by inexperienced carpet cleaning technicians just trying to earn an extra few dollars while putting your expensive rugs at risk.

Fine rugs have natural dyes that can run and bleed and ruin your rug and fringe without careful testing and proper cleaning chemicals and techniques.

Natural fibers hold 10 x as much soil and moisture than your wall to wall carpet. Cleaning them in your home can destroy the foundation of your carpet, have long dry times and in some cases cause your carpet to fall apart. Most carpet(if cleaned correctly) will dry in 1-2 hours.

Fine, natural fiber area rugs can take over 24 hrs to dry in a humidity controlled environment using proper air flow.

Any Cleaner that cleans your rug in your home will damage it over time depending on what chemicals, heat and materials the rug is made from will determine not if but when your rug will be damaged.

Call a professional that specializes in cleaning fine rugs. We have years experience and have been trained by the leaders in the industry. We are the ONLY Textile Pro Certified company in Maryland and Delaware

If you need further assistance or have questions about how our company can help you get your rug safely cleaned, give us a call @ 410-221-0097 or

The Oriental Rug Spa of The Eastern Shore cleans area and oriental rugs in Easton, Salisbury and Ocean City MD MAryland.  Including all of Talbot, Wicomico, Caroline, Dorchester, Worcester and Somerset Counties.

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