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How often should I clean my rugs?

“How Often Should I Wash My Rugs?”

Rugs under normal use should be washed every 18-24 months, with vacuuming (of the top side) every other week.

If you have an entry rug, rug with high traffic, or rugs in rooms with kids and pets, you will want to wash them annually. Rugs and fabrics act as “air filters” in rooms, they grab airborne dust and contaminants and hold them in their fibers. But when the filter gets FULL of items brought in by feet, shoes, paws, and windy weather, every step creates a puff of the unmentionablesback into the air. They need regular cleaning to keep the indoor environment cleaner.

Even rugs hanging on the walls get dirty with dust. And, bugs will be more interested in your hanging rugs than your floor-bound ones because they like dark, undisturbed places to make a home and meal. So hanging textiles should be dusted quarterly with an upholstery attachment, to suck away the dust and to irritate the bugs to go elsewhere.

For steps on proper vacuuming techniques, proper hanging recommendations, proper storage steps, and the use of the right pads, visit our Rug Care Tips.

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