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Rug used to park a car on: Saved by Easton Rug Cleaner

We decided to try cleaning this rug as a test.  Could we actually get it clean??!!  For some reason, our client had been parking her car on it for the past 10 years or so.  You can see the tire marks.

Uncleanable Rug

So we started to work on it in our Rug Wash Bath.    We figured there was 10 years worth of oil leaks, transmission and brake fluid on the rug.  As you can see, this was not a grey rug but…

Working on the rug

We were able to clean out all of the soil and all that remained was a couple very small permanent stains.  This rug is now in her living room.  Clean and free from the odors associated with a garage.

Clean Rug

Our client was so happy, she not only paid for the cleaning but gave us an extra 100 bucks!!

The Oriental Rug Spa of the Eastern Shore is owned and operated by Chem-Dry On The Shore.  410-221-0097

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