Dog Pee can ruin a rug permanently
Oriental Rug Spa of the Eastern Shore, Easton, MD

Oriental rugs should be examined frequently especially if you have pets (dog, cats) in the home. Urine can be very damaging to wool and silk rugs.
While we can guarantee the odor removal from any rug, sometimes the urine staining can be permanent.

Check your rugs frequently.
Vance Morris
Chem-Dry On The Shore and
The Oriental Rug Spa of the Eastern Shore

Amazing Video | Oriental Rug Cleaning | Stevensville, Chestertown

Expert Hand Washing of Oriental Rugs (or any wool, silk, cotton or synthetic area rugs) on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

This amazing video shows you how much dirt a wool rug can hold without looking dirty. We set our camera’s up to see exactly how much dirt we could get out of a BEFORE we began the actual washing.

See how we removed almost 30 pounds of dirt (yes we saved and weighed the dirt) from a rug before we washed it.

Wool fibers trap dirt and dust in the rug. Dirt that your vacuum cleaner can’t get out. Without frequent cleaning, that dirt will slowly destroy the rug. (Actually, this also happens in your installed wall to wall carpet).

“Dusting a rug” is the first step in our oriental rug cleaning process. Once we have beat out the dry soil. The rug is ready for the wash.

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The rug cleaning is done at our shop in Easton, MD. We offer pick up and delivery services to Talbot, Queen Anne’s, Kent, Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico and Somerset Counties in Maryland.  If you are outside of this area we do have drop off hours by appointment.

Oriental Rugs Salisbury Rug Update

Oriental rug news for Salisbury.

Some recent oriental rugs in the news from Jozans

Bonhams Period Art & Design auctions 11 May 2014 in San Francisco and 19 May 2014 in Los Angeles both include oriental rugs and carpets. The San Francisco auction includes 69 rugs and carpets and the Los Angeles auction includes 17 carpet lots.


55 % of the carpets in Sothebys Islamic Art auction were sold

Sothebys ‘Arts of the Islamic World’ 9 April 2014 in London included 232 lots and the total sale was £ 6,980,175. Among them 34 carpet lots where circa 55 % were sold.

The top lots among the carpet lots, a mid 19th century silk Yarkand carpet, lot 214, achieved £ 56,250 including buyers premium and a Bakshaish rug, lot 210, achieved £ 52,500. A surprise was a 17th century Khorassan carpet fragment which was sold for £ 37,500 compared with it’s estimate of £ 6,000 — 8,000.

Check out all of Jozan’s information.

Vance Morris


Choosing a Rug Cleaner on the Eastern Shore

Six Questions to ask Any Rug Cleaner

There is a lot of confusing and contradicting information out there about cleaning Area Rugs, Throw Rugs and Oriental Rugs. Here are six questions to ask any rug cleaner to help you decide:

  1. Are you a Textile Pro Firm?  If yes, you can be assured they have received the best training in the US. All Textile Pro Firms go through 3 months of intensive training and 20 hours of annual follow up training. If No, you will want to ask them about their training to be sure they won’t ruin your rug.
  2. Do you actually clean the rugs or do you schlep them to another state or otherwise subcontract the work?
  3. Are you Angie’s List or Ethical Services Rated and Reviewed?
  4. Are you actually going to clean them correctly or are you just bringing them back to your shop to surface clean them and charge me more money?
  5. Tell me your process: If you hear the words foam, hanging, heat or wand, politely hang up. If you don’t hear the words inspection, dusting, submersion cleaning, drying flat in a controlled setting, politely hang up.
  6. Can I visit your facility?

The Oriental Rug Spa by Chem-Dry On The Shore cleans rugs of all types on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, including Chestertown, Kent Island, Easton, Salisbury and Ocean City.

Call for our free book “How to Preserve The Value Of Your Oriental Rug”


by Vance Morris

Oriental Rug Cleaner Kent Island MD

Other Helpful Rug Care Tips

As an Oriental Rug Cleaner on Kent Island in Maryland, I am often asked what can be done to extend the life of my rugs in my home.  Here are a few tips

ROTATE your rugs.

Rotate rugs to even out any possible sun fading, and to also not allow one specific area to get all the foot traffic wear. Rotate small rugs every 3-6 months; larger rugs every time it goes for a bath put it back down the opposite direction.

INSPECT your rugs.

Quarterly you want to inspect your rugs closely for any insect activity.  Moths and carpet beetles generally begin feasting in areas that have little light and little air flow – this means they prefer the BACK of the rug, or places under furniture.  The larva looks like “sticky lint”, so flip over the corners of the rug to see if you have any activity. American Indian weavings hanging on the wall are particularly vulnerable, so take them down bi-annually to shake and dust them, and look for bugs.

You also want to check the ends and sides of your rugs to make sure that they are not in need of repair.  When fringe tassels become worn and torn, the wool (or silk) knots of the rug begin to pull away from the rug, and if this is caught early it is a much cheaper repair than reweaving a section of the rug down the road.  Look at the BACK of the rug to clearly see if all the knots are tightly and securely in place.

 PROTECT your rugs.

Many newer rugs, especially Chinese rugs, are chemically washed to give them a nice “sheen.”  This chemical process makes these rugs sensitive to sunlight and they will fade in a period of just a few short years.  If this concerns you, consider treating your windows with a UV-filter coating, or use thicker window coverings to block out the rays during peak hours.

NEVER use Carpet Spot Removers or Baking Soda on your rugs.

Folex® and Resolve® are meant for SYNTHETIC carpet, and not wool or silk rugs. These chemicals (and even Woolite®) are too strong to use on rugs and they will either        cause a chemical discoloration or it will bleach out the rug dyes completely.  Baking Soda also causes damage by yellowing the fibers.  This damage is permanent, and will devalue your rug, so please stick to CLUB SODA and CORN STARCH if you need to pack a spill with an absorbent compound.

NEVER put potted live plants, or plastic protectors, on top of your rugs.

Even careful plant caretakers spill a bit when watering plants.  This water seeps into the cotton foundation which leads to mildew growth and dry rot.  Plastic protectors also inhibit airflow and can cause mildew growth and dry rot.  When dry rot sets in, eventually the rug falls apart in that area of rot.  It ruins the rug.

NEVER have your valuable oriental rugs surface-cleaned in your home.

Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning chemicals and equipment are meant for wall-to-wall carpet, not oriental and specialty rugs. This equipment cannot thoroughly rinse your rugs clean (especially when there is a nice floor underneath that cannot get wet), so you are left with a rug that has a great deal of chemicals (and dirt) still left in the fibers. This chemical residue can lead to many problems from quicker resoiling (because the residue is “sticky”), yellowing of wool, dye migration and bleeding, and fading. Rugs, especially WOOL rugs, are meant to be washed at a proper rug cleaning facility. 

Vance Morris is the Owner of the Oriental Rug Spa of the Eastern Shore.  He can be reached at 410-822-6100.  

Oriental Rug Cleaner Easton MD


As an Oriental Rug Cleaner in Easton, MD, I am often asked “What should I do if…. this happens”.

***Whatever You Do… Do not put ANY over the counter, Store bought “rug cleaners” on your rug.  You can permanently damage the rug****

There will come a time when you will spill something on your rug, and the question will come to mind – what should I do?  Rug fibers, especially wool, are very resilient to spills … but they are also very reactive to harsh chemicals … so you want to keep your spill system quick, simple, and safe.

Rug First-Aid Kit = Club Soda + Cotton Towels

Rug First-Aid Kit Instructions = BLOT, RINSE, BLOT

1)    LIQUID spill: immediately BLOT with cotton towel (do not scrub the fibers or you’ll distort and potentially damage them).

NON-liquid spill: immediately scrap up material with spoon, and BLOT with cotton             towel.

2)    Look at the towel for two things:

  • Is the spill absorbing into the towel?
  • Are any of the rug’s dyes absorbing into the towel?

3)    If the rug’s dyes are absorbing into the towel, blot a bit more and then STOP.  No more work can be done to this area without causing this area’s dyes to bleed together.  This type of damage can devalue your rug, so you want to stop before you make it worse. You can pack the area with CORN STARCH to help absorb more.

4)    If the rug’s dyes are not absorbing into the towel (only the spill is seen), then place a folded towel underneath the affected area.  Take a bowl of CLUB SODA and then use a sponge to get the location of the spill wet again – not soaking wet, just enough so the fibers are damp.

5)    Take a new towel and blot the top of the rug to continue pulling out the spill from the fibers (the club soda helps to keep the spill “suspended” so you can grab it with the cotton towel when you BLOT).

6)    When no more spill material is visible in the towel, create a “sandwich” with a folded towel under the spill and one on top, and either stand on this area or put a heavy book on it for about 10 minutes.

7)    Remove the towels and elevate the damp area so that it can dry completely.  Most rugs have a cotton foundation that is very absorbent, so you have to be absolutely certain this “skeleton” of your rug is 100% dry so mildew will not grow.  Use a hair dryer (on cool or warm setting) on the front AND back of the rug to help quicken the process, or keep it propped up to “air dry” for at least 24 hours for a small spill, and longer for larger ones (or if your rug is thick).

Vance Morris is the Owner of The Oriental Rug Spa of The Eastern Shore by Chem-Dry On The Shore.  410-822-6100.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Salisbury MD

Rug Care Tips You Can Safely Use On Oriental Rugs.

 Here are some rug care tips and guidelines to help you keep your rugs looking great, staying cleaner, and lasting longer in Salisbury, MD.


             Vacuuming your rugs is the BEST thing that you can do to keep your rugs in great shape in between cleanings.  Think of all the dirt, dust and debris that settles on to your hard floors every day … that same dust settles on your rugs and needs to be removed also, otherwise it works its way into the fibers and causes damage you cannot correct.

However, you do not want to overly “brush” these fibers, so the best tool to use is a canister vacuum cleaner, or the upholstery attachment on your upright HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner, and just run it over the top of the rug fibers.  Vacuum WITH, not against, the nap of the rug’s “fuzzy” side.  (The rug’s fibers are similar to your pet’s fur – you know when you are petting with the nap, and when you are not.  Going “with” it causes less friction.)

vacuum1    If a lot of dirt seems to be collecting on the rug – like on your entryway rugs – then turn these rugs fuzzy side down and run an upright beater bar vacuum along the back side (stay away from the fringe tassels or you’ll suck them up!).  This “shakes” the dirt out of the base of the rug’s foundation, and then you can flip the rug over and vacuum away all of the dust, dirt, allergens, mold spores, bacteria, and other “unmentionables” that have been brought into your home by lots of shoes, feet and paws.

Entry rugs with high traffic should be “dusted” twice a week (or more) with your canister or upholstery attachment.  Rugs with moderate traffic should be dusted weekly.  Even rugs in areas with no traffic will still have dust settling on them daily, so attend to them bi-weekly.  A consistent dusting routine will help keep your rugs cleaner and healthier longer.  It will also (especially when using a HEPA-filter vacuum) help keep your indoor air cleaner.

Need more information on how to care for your Oriental Rugs in Salisbury MD.  Click Here for Our Free book: How To Preserve The Value of Your Oriental Rug, by Vance Morris.

You can also call Vance Morris at 410-822-6100.

Salisbury Rug Cleaner

The Oriental Rug Spa by Chem-Dry on the Shore is Salisbury’s only Textile Pro certified cleaner.  Actually we are the only certified cleaner in Maryland, Delaware and DC.

Textile Pro CertTextile Pro™ graduates have been through an intensive six-month training program on oriental rug and fine fabric upholstery care. Those who are Certified took the extra step of submitting case studies of “tricky” textiles that they inspected and washed. Unlike other cleaning courses where “passing” requires taking a simple quiz, this is the first certification program in the rug cleaning industry that is “hands on” and requires thorough documentation of every step of their cleaning process. Certification also requires submitting proof of insurance coverage for handling textiles at the time of certification.


So what does this mean to you?  I mean you are just looking for a reputable rug cleaner in in Salisbury, right?  Well, this certification took many months to obtain.  And since we are the only certified cleaners in Maryland and Delaware, we take it seriously.  You should ask questions of anyone you are considering have clean your expensive rugs:

1. Are you trained and certified to clean oriental and natural fiber rugs?  If so, by whom?  They should Answer either Textile Pro Certified or Master Rug Cleaner Certified.

2. Are your solutions Wool-Safe approved? Can you supply the documents to that effect?

3. Are you a member of Ethical Services?

4. Are your cleaning solutions Green Certified?

5. Are you insured?  Will you show me your insurance certificate?

6. Will you give me a tour of your rug cleaning plant?

You should get the answers you want to the above questions before you let anyone in your home and take your rugs.

Learn all about how to chose a rug cleaner in Salisbury that is right for you


Oriental Rug Cleaner in Talbot County

One of the most important things you can do to protect your Oriental Rug investment, is to thoroughly check out the rug cleaner that your are hiring.  Here are some great questions that will help guide you through the “typical carpet cleaner” which you should NEVER use for wool, silk or cotton rugs.

Questions to ask any Rug Cleaner:

  1. Are you certified?  They should be certified by either the Woolsafe Organization or Textile Professionals. The Oriental Rug Spa of the Eastern Shore is a Textile Pro certified company
  2. Are you insured?  Any reputable and ethical rug cleaner will have the appropriate insurance coverage.  Ask to see their certificate.  Do not do business with a company that is not insured.
  3. Can I inspect your cleaning operation?  You should be able to inspect any cleaning operation to see how they handle valuable rugs.  Many Talbot Oriental Rug Cleaners do not even clean the rugs themselves.  They sub-contract the work to Baltimore or Philadelphia.  At the Oriental Rug Spa of the Eastern Shore, your rug never leaves the Shore or our custody.  We hand clean each and every rug at our Easton rug cleaning operation.


For more information on the Rug Spa of the Eastern Shore contact us at 410-822-6100 or download our free book.


Talbot Oriental Rug Cleaning

Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning in Talbot County.

Did you know that you cannot clean Oriental and Natural Fiber Rugs like synthetic installed carpet in your home?

The cleaning chemicals used by most steam cleaners are very dangerous and harmful to natural fiber (wool, silk, cotton).  So is the high heat and pressure (psi) that most steam cleaners use.  The most effective and the only safe way to clean an oriental rug is in a shop or studio designed for the task. And has the training required to handle fine textiles

Our rug studio is designed to care for your rugs in a safe and gentle manner.  Our rug cleaning process cannot be matched on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Talbot County has a company that specializes in cleaning and restoring Oriental and Natural Fiber Rugs.  The Oriental Rug Spa Of The Eastern Shore is located in Easton in Talbot County.